Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fairly Unbalanced

Over the last couple of years I have tried to ignore Faux News. They claim to be fair and balanced. If that is so then I am rich and irresitible. Just calling yourself something doesn't make it so. The reason I can no longer ignore them is that they are everywhere. By that I mean every time I am in an airport or even a fastfood place I am confronted by Bill O'Really or Glen Blecck. Now I don't care what perversions people do in their own home up to and including watching Faux news, just as long as they don't hurt someone else.

And that's my point. Pushing that particular perversion in my face in public places is degrading to me and I shouldn't have to deal with it. I should be able to enjoy my Big Mac without having Glen Blecck up in my face. The other day I was under the golden arches when I looked up to see ol' Glen going on about how the current conservatives where really the civil rights heroes and the "progressives" (I never realized a four letter word could have that many letters!) were the racists. This segment was fitted between segments on why up is down and black is white. I'm sitting there trying to figure the logic of how you could call those who were responisible for the Civil Rights Act, The Voters Rights Act, Brown v. Board of Education and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act were the perpetrators of racism and how those who fought all those things were really the champions of civil rights. Of course, it isn't supposed to make sense to me--just to the people who watch Faux.

Like I said, I don't mind others watching that drivel. It is a free country (Blecck, O'Really, Sean Insantiy and Rush Dimbulb (or is it Doughball?) notwithstanding.) Folks can choose to watch what they want. But don't make me watch it. I won't make them watch Olberman, Maddow and Schultz. So here is what I propose. Everytime you are in a public place and they are showing opinion television ask to speak to the manager and complain that they are foisting their stupid ideas onto you in a public place. And complain up and down the line. I don't think it will harm Faux that much, but it will help my indigestion and preflight flutters if I don't have to watch that junk. Junk food is bad enough--don't serve it to my brain too!